KARA - Accident management made easy

KARA Office consists of several integrated web and mobile applications, which allow process participants to:

  • Report the accident (create an accident order)
  • Accept or decline the order
  • Assign the order to other participants
  • Communicate during the process
  • Manage repairs, claims, payments and other issues


Accident orders can be created in two ways:

  • By the client himself
  • By the dealership employee in the name of the client

All created orders are reviewed by an attorney, who decides whether the order will be accepted or not.

Accepted orders can then be assigned to:

  • The dealership (if order was created by the client, otherwise order is automatically assigned to the dealership whose employee created the order)
  • The service (if repairs are needed)
  • The expert (if there is a need for expertise)

Police and insurance companies can also be notified, and dealership can provide rental car if it is necessary.

All documents, images, mails and other relevant resources regarding the accidents are easily saved and can be used in any moment of the order processing.

KARA also allows users to create transportation orders and assign them to designated drivers. PDF reports are generated and distributed after every major step of the process.